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                   Industrial cycles.


   In calendars, besides natural cycles, two industrial cycles are also shown, artificially created, but having the important value for planning life and activity of people:

-     a week cycle - 5 (or 6) days of work and 2 (or 1) for rest;

-     a monthly cycle - 28-31 days (in the Gregorian solar calendar) or 29-30 days (in lunar and lunar-solar calendars).


   Unfortunately, the given industrial cycles, despite of their historical origin from natural lunar cycles, do not display them. So for example:  

            - in the solar calendars both industrial cycles do not correspond to a natural lunar cycle in duration and are not synchronized with it on dates and weekdays;

            - in lunar and lunar-solar calendars the duration of calendar months corresponds to natural lunar months, but an industrial cycle: work - rest (7-day week) drifts past the natural phases of the Moon at transition from one month to another.


   Contents -             Introduction

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