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   The Time is the general objective form of existence of a matter. Duration, sequence, impossibility of recurrence,  irreversibility are related to universal properties of the Time. The Time has quantitative and qualitative infinity. The Time is indissolubly  related with space, movement and other attributes of a matter at a common preservation of a matter and movement irrespective of their transformation from one forms in others.

   Time  cannot be seen, heard, perceived, weighed as a  material object. Time has no smell, taste, the form.


   To define and take into account the  time the clocks and calendars were invented.

   The clocks (solar, water, sand, spring, quartz, atomic etc.) are the information devices showing the time in a given particular moment.

   The calendars (tear-off, desktop, wall, mechanical and electronic blocks etc.) are the devices displaying the sequences of natural cycles of time (terrestrial day, lunar month, solar year),  millennia ago accepted by mankind  for units of measurements of  big time intervals.



    Contents -           Introduction

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