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                      Calendar's reform.  


       It is not surprising, that during last two centuries in many countries of the world the question on a radical reform of a calendar and on necessity of creation of the "world" and "eternal" calendar constantly rose.

   The various projects of the World calendar based, mainly, on the use of various combinations of terrestrial cycles within the limits of a solar cycle (without taking into account a lunar cycle) were put forward.

   In projects the unique natural cycle (Meton's cycle), at which duration of 19 solar cycles is almost  equal to duration of 235 lunar cycles,  also was not taken into account, i.e.:

- 19 solar cycles   =   19 х 365,242195      = 6939,6017 days;

- 235 lunar cycles = 235 х 29,530588531 = 6939,6883 days.


    In the present work the author considers a new variant of the Global Calendar displaying both natural cycles (terrestrial, lunar, solar, Metons cycle) and industrial  cycles (week, monthly,  which synchronized with the natural cycles).

     The necessity of creation of a new Global calendar is caused by undeserved oblivion of a lunar-solar calendar (exception makes Israel and a number of some states in which the lunar-solar calendar is state up to the present time).

    The reasons which have induced Julian Caesar in due time to cross out a lunar-solar calendar and to replace it on a solar one, have sunk into oblivion long ago. At the same time rapid development of  science  and engineering, means of production and  production relations, a communication facility, transport, association of the various states on industrial or other platform demands the creation of a new Global Calendar, free from lacks of the Gregorian (or Julian)  solar calendar.


    The essence of a new method at creation of the Global calendar is simple and consists in the formation of new structures of lunar month, solar year, connection of lunar and solar calendars, compensation of their drifts  relatively each other and the common calendar structure.   

   The new structure of consecutive alternating months in a lunar-solar calendar with 19-year Metons cycle  satisfies to the following conditions:

    - a week (~1/4 of a lunar month, i.e. 29,5 : 4 = 7,38 days) can equal to 7 and 8 days (see );

    - a lunar month with 30 days contains two additional days off (two Lunadays), and a lunar month with 29 days contains one additional day off (one Lunaday);

     - the above mentioned amendments follow in time through the definite intervals:

       а) for the months with alternation as 29+30 days etc.- in two weeks + four weeks + two weeks etc., 

       b) for the months with alternation as 30+30 days etc. - in two weeks + two weeks + two weeks + two weeks etc.,

       c) for the months with alternation as 29+29 days and etc. - in four weeks + four weeks etc.


    Variants 1 - 4 of  lunar months constructed according to the new structure are given below.

               Variant  1

               Variant  2

               Variant  3

               Variant  4


  Contents -              Introduction

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